About Me

Hey and welcome to my Tech Corner!

My name is Kris (obvously) and I have created this blog to share tech and non-tech (sometimes) stuff with the rest of the world 😸

I live in Norway, love coding and putting cat pictures in presentations😼 Currently I am working as a Lead Software Architect and driving several exciting tech projects that support digitalization journey in public and private sector, minimizing bureaucracy and making citizens' life easier.

As a person I love learning new things and sharing my journey and experiences with others. My biggest passion is tech and my goal is to inspire other developers to code with sustainability and security in mind by spreading my knowledge and experience. My goal is also to be a female coder role model that can inspire and motivate all the beautiful girls and ladies out there to join the world of tech! 💖

Other than that, I'm a cat mom, a Potterhead, a Witcher fan and a bookworm. I love books, photography, puzzles, board games, cats and unicorns. I am also an active supporter of sustainability, including sustainable software engineering, and animal welfare - I have been a vegetarian for over 8 years and vegan for over 2 years. I'm an eager nature addict as well - photo below was taken in Lofoten islands, the nature pearl of Norway.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by! Check out the blog and tech tips section and stay tuned for the coming updates.☕🦾

See you there! 🤗

Photo of myself on a mountain trip